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Whether you are a CEO looking to improve your firm’s workplace culture, a team leader looking to bring your group closer together, or simply a man or woman who wants to improve your own workday, this is an interview you can benefit from today. In it, Jon shares with the audience practical ways to create more happiness at work, while helping viewers to shape their jobs and be more happy at work, facilitating the creation of more happiness both in work and in life.

Questions & Answers

What do people value more when it’s about happiness at workplace?

The people they work with, the relationships. Self-efficacy, feeling competent. If you manage to express your core strengths, that would make you happier.


Does cheerfulness lead to happiness or are they two different concepts?

You need both. Working in a place where the mood is high, motivates you and makes you happy, but you need more. If you feel like you’re actually contributing on building something big, that’s something that increases your sense of happiness, even though it’s not fun doing it.


How can emotional intelligence contribute to achieve happiness at the workplace?

Emotional intelligence is an unclear concept, but assuming it means “dealing with other people for their sake”, you would be able to behave in such a way that you hurt others less and you make them happier. Getting out of your own head and focusing on people around you improves the entire workplace and the quality of your life.


if we were to teleport Nearsoft to Denmark, I think you could be ranked one of the best places to work, there as well, because you guys do an awesome job


What do you recommend to people that feel unhappy at the workplace?

If your job is bad, you should actively try to fix the situation, if that doesn’t work, get out of there and stop losing your time. Unless there’s a potential possibility of ending up in the streets, keep trying until you find a job that fits you better.


Coming from Denmark, one of the happiest countries on earth, what can you highlight from your visit to Nearsoft in Mexico in terms of actions to achieve happiness at the workplace?

Autonomy and freedom to do a good job, instead of command and control; self-management and expression of strengths.


What’s the role democracy plays in a good workplace?

Democracy might be the biggest hack ever and something to aspire to. It’s a perfect business strategy.


what I saw in Mexico (in Nearsoft) could have been in one of the most dynamic progressive parts in Europe or it could have been in Silicon Valley


What does it mean to “love your job or die trying”?

It’s the act of constantly trying to make it work and improve it and never settle. We should believe that we won’t fail at that. This is a source of happiness: moving forward, creating, achieving something.


Is it equally easy to people with a profession that they love to attain happiness at the workplace compared to people with a boring or not-too-good job?

It’s not but it is possible for people with a bad job to be happy by making others happy, for example. They can try to improve things too to improve the quality of their life. If people do that job for survival but there are other options that offer the same amount of money, they can try other jobs.


What kind of freedom you can find in Denmark, that you haven’t seen elsewhere?

Denmark is going so well in this matter for its very flat hierarchies. There’s not much authority. The gap between poor and rich people is very low. They’ve built a very safe society. If you get fired or you quit your job, you’ll be ok, because the labor market is very flexible, people is willing to have a good job, so companies are willing to be great companies. It’s a win-win situation.


What motivates you to spread this message of happiness?

The sense of achievement… doing a good job feels fantastic. Recognition. Feeling that what I do helps other people.


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