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The Travel Experience and the Influence It Has on Travel Tech

Travel experiences are unique for each human being. What’s fun or enjoyable to me, might not be so for you.

There is a lot of travel data out there that’s already hard at work. However, there’s a lot more information that tells of the subjective experience of travelers. Unfortunately, much of this is not yet digitally accessible

If you are not figuring out how access to this information, then your product will become become irrelevant.

The Subjective Aspects of Travel

At a recent DojoLive! episode we ended up talking about the subjective aspect of the travel experience. This got

Travel Tech in a Shrinking World

Mobile technology and travel software platforms bring people together like never before. They surely make the world seem way smaller and more accessible.

These new technologies have indeed reshaped and redefined how we move about. It has affected how the tourism and travel tech industry operate as a whole.

VR, AR, Video: the Tip of the Travel Iceberg

Some examples of the types of technologies I’ve seen emerge are immersive video and virtual and augmented reality. These technologies are making the travel experience even more exciting. Destinations that were once uncommon, are now much more approachable.

Norway, for instance,


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