Deanne Buck, Executive Director at Camber Outdoors (formerly OIWC)

The Talent Stash: It's Not As Hidden As You Think It Is

Friday, March 24th, 3 p.m. CST

The competition is ramping up and it is not for what you may think it is. Competition for talent is eclipsing competition for market share as the world workforce is moving toward a 40 million shortfall of skilled workers by 2020.

What happens when your company can no longer grow because it can't fill key positions? What is the potential impact on the mountain travel and tourism industry? And, why might you have the secret sauce to come out on top.

Deanne Buck brings 5 years of thinking about this topic day and night as executive director of Camber Outdoors. When she isn't thinking about it, she is usually defending her 100lb dog Ali from himself- he tends to get into trouble.

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