Nearsoft at Mountain Travel Symposium

From March 26th to April 1st, 2017 DojoLIVE!’s sponsor, Nearsoft, attended the Mountain Travel Symposium at Banff & Lake Louise, Alberta, CA.

To stay in the subject, DojoLIVE! brought you fact-filled live interviews with the most outstanding business people and thought leaders in the travel & hospitality industry.

These Awesome Travel & Hospitality Expert Guests Joined Us for the Ride!

Kellyann Davis

Director of Research
Snowsports Industries America

“Opportunities to Grow Snow Sports Sales and the Participant Base Today”

Stuart Hart

Director of Business Development
Banff & Lake Louise Tourism

“Utilizing Tech in Business Development”

Deanne Buck

Executive Director
Camber Outdoors

“The Talent Stash: It’s Not As Hidden As You Think It Is”

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