David Armstrong

Successfully Acquiring Traffic Through the Power of Social Media

The recipe to go viral on social media and pay for only 7% of your traffic.

David Armstrong possesses a long-standing general management background in trade, tech and travel, managing cross-functional teams & multi-cultural companies of various sizes up to 800 FTEs. He is the CEO of TravelPirates, a unique travel deal and inspiration source that publishes bargain hotels, flights and package trips which are researched daily and compiled from numerous other websites.

David’s core competencies include a profound expertise in general management, e-commerce, tech & product, marketing & sales, distinct analytical/strategical skills and sense for opportunities, a team-oriented leader with strong communication and social skills, established practice in customer care and CRM, great innovational strength developing and aligning business models, as well as products with USPs, and an extensive experience and achievements in managing change and turn-around situations


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