Tasneem Damen, CIO, and Emily Jones Joanisse, CEO @ Connected Canadians

Technology as an Enabler

How Connected Canadians is using technology training to break down barriers between generations and empower seniors.

Emily Jones Joanisse holds a Bachelor of Computer Science and an MBA in International Development and has worked in Information Technology for over 14 years, both in Canada and internationally (Europe and Australia). She is currently a part-time Management Professor at the Algonquin College School of Business and has also worked as an ICT Teacher at an International Baccalaureate school in Italy.

Emily is an alumna and former employee of the Canadian Shad Valley program and has held a variety of leadership roles in other STEAM and educational initiatives.  As well, Emily has worked as a DJ both in Canada and internationally and has released music on the Italian jazz label Schema Records.

Tasneem (Tas) Damen holds B.Sc. Honours in Computer Mathematics from Carleton University and Graduate Certificate in IT Project Management from uOttawa. She is a Software Architect by vocation with over a decade of professional experience consulting for Fortune 500 companies. ML-based chatbot SaaS offering aimed at B2B organizations is one of her latest projects in eCommerce domain.

Her passions of learning and teaching are currently channelled through part-time instructing at Algonquin, hackathons and mentoring at OCISO.

Tas is a hacker, tinkerer, cook, mother, world traveller and Pilates enthusiast all rolled into one driven social entrepreneur, with the goal of leaving her community in a better place for future generations.



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