Yossi Ghinsberg

Transcending Through Social Impact and Long-term Vision

No one knows best how surviving in the jungle relates to surviving in the business world as well as Yossi Ghinsberg. He’s here to share his unique experiences and visions.

The dream of exploration into unknown territory is what drove Yossi Ghinsberg into the Amazon rainforest where he lived a tale of survival. He is now a tech-entrepreneur and travels the world sharing his experiences in the Amazon and how they relate in the business world.

Questions & Answers

What are the principles to innovation?

A: In this world the secret to survival is through innovation and in nature that is achieved with adaptation. A cell can change its composition according to its environment in order to survive which means evolution can be found at a cellular level, not at a species level.


Why is traditional competition (Darwin’s view) bad for economy?

A: Taking nature by example, animals don’t compete with each other, they innovate because it is more efficient. Some animals instead of going for the same fruit in the tree as well as other animals, they use their natural characteristics that make them unique (for example the ability to jump higher) and use them to obtain the fruit nobody else can get. In business terms, with innovation they create a niche. In competition, fighting creates a waste of resources while innovation avoids conflict.

If it can be taken from you, it was not yours to begin with

What is good competition in the business world?

A: Good competition in business means innovation within itself. The secret sauce for a company to thrive is innovating and creating a niche. When the company thrives, it has resources to invest in themselves, employees, society, the environment and to continue innovating. Good competition brings the peak performance in everyone, just like in the Olympics. It drives you to be the very best you have ever been.


What are the benefits of creating a niche in business?

A: When there is a niche, there is no need to fight against others. The investment of resources is lowered, less effort in conflict and more rewards at the end. There are more resources that can be invested in the product so it can be innovative.


What is the role of ambition in innovation?

A: What differentiates us as humanity from animals is ambition. It is within our nature to improve our lives and it is the driving force that leads us to change and innovation.



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