Integrating SCADA/IoT Applications into IOTA’s Scalable Distributed Public Ledger

April 17th, 2019 / Published in: Interviews

Utilizing Ternary based hardware and software in IoT edge devices to lower the power consumption cost of SCADA WAN network operation.

Robert Reive is a serial technology entrepreneur and inventor focused on distributed clean energy solutions which improve quality of life for all.

Robert’s early career involved factory work bringing new products to market with shoe giant Bata, and evolved quickly into designing, coding and supplying small manufacturers , distributors and service companies with  business and operations management  database centric software solutions running on PC and early LAN Networks.

Early in his career Robert assisted Rockwell Allen Bradley with  their PLC/SLC network gateway driver design for early TCP/IP  and Novel networks to get information in real time from the plant floor to the dominant Ethernet mini-computer  systems of the day from HP and DEC. 

After successful early startup  BD/Sales stints with Cisco, Fore Systems, Robert founded and invented the IP & technology behind Platespin’s Virtual Machine provisioning software, which was eventually sold to Novell for US $205M. Robert went on to work for early mobile smart-phone software  maker Surfkitchen as their QA and Release Manager for early Symbian mobile software clients supported on 70+ mobile phones of the day, provisioning ring-tones, games, skins and themes for FT/Orange, O2 and Teleca in Europe. Surfkitchen was later sold to Teleca.

Robert then headed up Montavista as their VP EMEA re-structuring the team and profitability to help enable the company sale to Cavium Networks. After Montavista, Robert spent time with Cloakware based out of Ottawa, developing the markets in Europe for mobile security software on clients and infrastructure for companies like Nokia Mobile.

Tired of the VC start-up grind,  Robert after Cloakware,  then struck out his own in late 2008, as both an inventor and primarily, as an independent consultant helping other early start-up software companies to land their first big clients in Canada (Arista Networks and now Leapwork stand out as big early successes)

His company, Harvistor has in the past two years, licensed  their newly invented and patented low mount, small wind powered charging systems to of Toronto, Canada under the Mobiwind name and to megawatt systems vendor and wind farm developer V3Wind of Dallas, Texas. Harvistor is working on a dual rotor off-grid charging systems called TWIND Power which has been recently publicly announced and will debut in energy station  installations at remote off grid sites in 2020.

Robert today is focused on integrating Harvistor’s TWIND Power SCADA hardware and communications into  IOTA’s scalable distributed public ledger to help lower  IoT Edge, Fog and Mist power consumption costs while also  reduce the cost of data management audits and regulatory reporting. The project is called Enersettle  still in early developments).




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