Doug Kennedy

Hotel Sales Best Practice for the Era of Electronic Inquiries

In the travel industry, there is an overwhelming number of leads coming in via electronic channels, as meeting and event planners reach out to a long list of hotels via a few key strokes at CVENT, Starcite, CVB sites, Meeting Broker, or Wedding Wire and The Knot. Thereafter, once a prospect becomes a client, communications regarding key details start flowing in piecemeal in via texts and emails at all hours of the day. Therefore, it's essential that sales professionals evolve their skill-set tool box to adapt to all of these changes.

Doug Kennedy, founder and President of the Kennedy Training Network, Inc, based in Hollywood, FL, has been a fixture on the hotel and lodging industry’s conference circuit for over two decades, having spoken at hundreds of association, brand, and management company conference events.

During his career Doug has founded three companies, starting with Check-Inn Training in 1989, HSA International which he co-founded in 1991, and Kennedy Training Network (KTN), which he started in 2006 and which currently provides on-site training and telephone mystery shopping for dozens of hotels each month.

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