Deepak Anchala, Founder & CEO @ Slintel

Decoding Buying Patterns to Predict Your Next Customer

Predictive sales and marketing intelligence powered through deep insights on buying behavior, usage and renewals.

Deepak Anchala is the Founder and CEO of Slintel, a deep prospecting platform to boost conversion rates. Deepak affirms that sales and marketing teams today are inundated with company and contact lists and that many teams launch campaigns based on their target criteria and end up getting extremely low conversion rates (Industry average is < 2% on cold mails; <.5% on cold calls). This spray and pray approach has frustrated the buyer community (most buyers are drowned in seller spam), and also has led to the sales teams eroding their target clientele over time.

He thinks that the most important question sales and marketing teams need to be asking themselves is:

Who is most likely to buy my product or service, today?

That is all they need to launch the perfect campaign. Slintel seeks out to solve this problem.


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