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Using Tech to Grow by Doing Good

It’s no longer optional for businesses to give back. How to unlock the ROI of social contribution through better measurement and management of those efforts.

Ben Block, Founder & CEO of GozAround Inc., is a serial entrepreneur and lawyer with a passion for making a difference to those around him. Inspired by the power of technology to build real world relationships, and driven by his love of business, Ben is on a mission to change the way people, business and non-profits connect and do good.

In August 2014, GozAround launched from its base in Edmonton, Canada, with one big act of goodness. GozAround brought together big-hearted businesses from around the city to throw a wedding for a terminally ill mother of five. Complete with a limo, video, photographers, cake, flowers and all – it didn’t cost the couple a cent and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. This life changing event was designed to prove the concept behind GozAround…that people and business badly want to make a difference…they just need a better way to find, measure and share their contributions.

In 2015, Ben was selected as a winner of the Thunderstruck Start-up Pitch Competition held at the Expert Dojo in Santa Monica, CA, leading to a stint in NYC and a feature on Forbes. Everything happens for a reason, they say, and that trail of stepping stones lead to GozAround’s first enterprise business user, spanning 70 cities across the globe.

Since then, GozAround has continued to expand its platform and network, with users in over 400 cities on nearly every continent. Building on its core of connecting people with personalized impact opportunities, GozAround now offers powerful tools that allow business to grow by doing good. Through GozAround, socially conscious business better capture and communicate their contributions, unlocking the many HR and marketing benefits that come with doing good.  In a world that up to 60% of consumers will pay more for the same thing from a socially conscious seller, and up to 80% of employees prefer responsible employers, it is no longer optional to give back. The question GozAround answers is “how are you maximizing your ROI on those good deeds?” Here’s GozAround’s business landing page

Ben holds business and law degrees from the University of Alberta, has started, operated and sold several small businesses, and is an entrepreneur to the core. Beyond that, Ben has a passion for helping others. From serving dinner at a homeless shelter, to delivering meals to the disabled, to offering pro bono legal services, and even joining a Habitat for Humanity project in Kyrgyzstan, Ben has a long history of giving back. However, he believes building GozAround has the potential to do more good than he ever could, even in 100 lifetimes. With tens of thousands of volunteer hours already recorded by GozAround users…he is probably right. 

Ben lives in Edmonton, Canada with his wife, Krista, and their daughter, a 4-year-old firecracker named Ava.


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