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Podcast: Smart Tech And Your Home: Building Your Own JARVIS

How to find the best smart devices for your home, car and life.

Mark W. Westlake is the CEO and Founder of GearBrain. He is a veteran digital executive with a proven ability to lead and build successful digital businesses. Over the past 25 years, he has erected a successful track record in the online world. For the past few years, he has built a new innovative data and technology company to help simplify the Internet of Things (IoT) for consumers and small/medium size businesses. The company has a content site, as well as a patent pending IoT compatibility find engine called The GearBrain. Both help users make sense of the smart devices in their home, car and office. Whether it’s keeping track of the items users have in their home, providing guidance on how each device can work with other smart devices or offering easy to find access to user manuals, setup guides or warranty information, GearBrain is the solution to assist users run your smart home.

Podcast: Communication Is Just as Important as Code

The idea of a lone developer coding without social interaction or good communication skills is a thing of the past.

Scott Ford is the CEO and Co-founder of Corgibytes. Scott loves fixing and maintaining existing applications. So much so, that he’s built a team of like minded people to focus exclusively on legacy code projects. Through his business, Corgibytes, Scott helps businesses breathe new life into old code. He calls this ‘software remodeling’.

Podcast: Digital Procurement

Lachlan McDonald is a leader in the Procurement practice at Boston Consulting Group. Lachlan’s work has focused on driving value across complex, global operations in the Mining, Oil and Gas and Technology sectors.

Lachlan invented the first variable rate, geo-location based smart contract for logistics optimization, and advises companies on how to leverage digital tools to maximize the value across their supply ‘ecosystem’.


Podcast: The Squiggly Path to Success

Sammy James, Speak2Leads’ Founder, CEO and Lead Strategist, is an innovative entrepreneur whose lead response career began more than 25 years ago assuming executive roles with multiple start-ups and technology ventures, including the first ad supported personalized Internet radio station, the first social media bookmarking site, the first song recognition application for radio (pre-smartphone version of Shazam), and various web and telephony ad response applications.

Sammy’s core passion is to position Speak2Leads as the market’s most powerful lead response solution to help businesses of all types increase sales and revenue.


Podcast: Operationalizing Data and AI Ethics

Reid Blackman is the Founder and CEO of Virtue. In that capacity he has worked with companies to integrate ethics and ethical risk mitigation into company culture and the development, deployment, and procurement of emerging technology products. He is also a Senior Advisor to Ernst & Young and sits on their Artificial Intelligence Advisory Board, and is a member of IEEE’s Ethically Aligned Design Initiative.

Podcast: Cultivating the New Entrepreneurs of the Digital Age

Kenny Rueter is co-founder and CEO of Kajabi, an all-in-one online business platform empowering entrepreneurs globally to succeed online. What began from Kenny’s frustration in selling instructions on how to build a kids sprinkler toy online continues to thrive. Today, Kajabi is a 5 time back-to-back INC 5000 list SaaS that enables nearly a billion dollars a year in sales for its users, in business categories that span the expected to the unbelievable.

Podcast: Telehealth: The New Normal

Josh Scales is the Founder and CEO of Uniti Health. He is an experienced Healthcare Information Technology executive, with a passion for healthcare, people, and new innovative technology. He helps business leaders find solutions to complex issues by utilizing technology. He has a wealth of experience in Telehealth strategy/implementation, regulatory compliance, population health management, and overall healthcare operations. He recently launched Uniti Health, a company focused on helping providers and organizations with developing digital and virtual health strategies.

Podcast: Erasing Borders in Corporate Travel

Modernizing cross-border mobility with technology to promote the freer movement of people, ideas and innovation.

Erin Kopp is the Global Strategic Partnerships Manager at VisaHQ. As an avid traveler herself, she knows first hand how travel can be derailed by not having the correct travel documents. She partners with corporations, nonprofits and travel management companies to create a simple user-friendly experience for their travelers to obtain travel documents. By leveraging VisaHQ’s industry leading technology and expertise, she helps create a modern passport & visa solution for all travel programs.

VisaHQ was founded in 2003 and has become a recognized leader in the travel industry, offering innovative technology-forward solutions. Our mission is to empower travelers and organizations by creating a more transparent and simple experience to obtain travel documents.

Podcast: Designing to Improve Human Behavior

The Art & Science of Large-Scale, Positive Behavior Change.

Robin Krieglstein is the Founder and CEO of Live Neuron Labs Behavioral Consultancy. He has been pioneering the application of science & media techniques to design large-scale positive behavior change programs for over two decades. 

Robin was a guest researcher at the Stanford Behavior Design Lab with Dr. BJ Fogg. He’s an officer for the international Action Design Network, the largest Behavioral Design professional organization. He launched the first gamified, behavior-change social network; introduced the first gamified health behavior change Facebook app; and founded the Design Group at LeapFrog Educational Toys.

Robin has designed dozens of behavior change solutions for leading brands including Amazon, UnderArmour, American Heart Association, LG, Spectrum Health, Kaiser, United Healthcare, Oracle, Walmart, and the American Medical Association. 

Podcast: Artificial Intelligence: The Bridge to Worldwide Educational Access

There is a direct correlation between income levels and education levels, and advances in AI will ensure that everyone has access to the same education regardless of socioeconomic status.

Michael Puscar is the Co-Founder of Oiga. A serial entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist who is deeply in love with technology, Michael is an optimist by nature, a transcendentalist who deeply cares about humanity and is firmly committed to using technology as a catalyst for better education, wealth creation and better healthcare regardless of socioeconomic status, race or origin.

Podcast: A Culture of Learning

How to create a culture of learning within your organization.

Kristy McCann Flynn has 15 years of experience as a Strategic Human Resource Leader, Change Manager and Organizational Development Expert. She has served in senior leadership positions throughout her career – most notably with Pearson Education and Constant Contact.

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