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Podcast: Idea to SaaS: Leading Brand Evolution as a Female Entrepreneur

Ann Herrmann-Nehdi

Ann Herrmann-Nehdi is Chief Thought Leader and Chair of Herrmann, the originators of Whole Brain® Thinking, the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®), and creators of the Herrmann Platform.

Kimberly Sullivan

Kimberly Sullivan is the VP of People and Talent at Herrmann, the originators of Whole Brain® Thinking, the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®), and creators of the Herrmann Platform.

Podcast: Multilingual Meetings And The Future Of Work

Can I really organize an online meeting or event in multiple languages? with Fadad Zabetian CEO @ KUDO

Fardad Zabetian is the Founder and CEO of KUDO. A visionary entrepreneur, Fardad has founded and placed another two companies among the fastest growing business in America. He has also expanded to key markets over Europe and Asia. Fardad is no stranger to big challenges. In 2012, he was part of the design and roll-out a complete makeover of the United Nations’ meeting facilities, including the general assembly hall in New York.

Podcast: Identifying And Protecting What’s Important

Discover how technology is used to help companies empower employees in creating a culture of workplace safety with David Wald @ Aclaimant.

David Wald is cofounder and CEO of Aclaimant, an insight driven workflow solution for safety and risk management. Its unique solution empowers every organization to improve risk management, loss control, and safety by streamlining workflows into a simple process. As CEO, David’s primary focus is driving the company’s vision, identifying and executing strategic partner and customer relationships, and growing the Aclaimant team and investor base.

Podcast: Employers Can Give Employees The Power of Control and Choice with On-Demand Pay

Learn About DailyPay: The Recognized Gold Standard in On-Demand Pay with Jeanniey Walden.

Jeanniey Walden is a nationally-acclaimed and award-winning business expert, author, mentor, and entrepreneurial Chief Marketing Officer who uses innovation to transform the way companies work to accelerate growth and brand impact. Currently, she is the CMO of DailyPay and transforming the employee payday. Walden believes success can only be achieved when you start with a foundation of an authentic, inspirational and relatable customer experience, and marry that foundation to the latest advances in technology.

Hosts: Tullio Siragusa and Ram Ganesan.

Podcast: Accelerate Drugs And Medical Devices Development: The Digital Revolution

How to mix the cloud, “crowdscience” and digital engineering to create better and safer cures with Luca Emili, CEO @ InSilicoTrials

Luca Emili is an Italian entrepreneur, founder and CEO of InSilicoTrials Technologies, the first global platform that is making easy to use modelling and simulation to accelerate the pace of innovation in the healthcare and life science industry.

The “crowdscience” concept makes it easy for pharma companies, medical device producers, hospitals, and researchers to identify and use the best digital models available. So, it’s possible to cut costs and development time while meeting safety standards and, ultimately, to increase the number of new treatments that reach patients

Podcast: Using Tax Credits to Fuel Growth: The Most Overlooked Source Of Funding

Can your firm recover cash from the state and federal government to help you grow and scale faster? with Stephen Epstein.

Stephen Epstein is the CEO of Tax Credit Experts.  Epstein has a background in finance and is a long-time entrepreneur having built, founded or operated 7 different companies. Epstein has operated in a diverse set of industries, including construction, real estate, manufacturing, publishing, consulting and private equity.

Epstein lives in Nashville and is married to wife and real estate development powerhouse Meg Epstein.

Podcast: IA vs AI – Which will solve our HR Tech Challenges?

Why HR Tech should focus on enhancing humans, not replacing them with technology with Joe Thurman @ InterviewIA

With over a 15 years of experience building teams and supporting executives with the buildout of talent strategies, Joe Thurman brings a passion for inclusion to the world of hiring. Joe is currently the CEO of InterviewIA, and has worked with hundreds of executives looking to scale teams and impact organizations. As the Chief Executive Officer for interviewIA, Joe is committed to systematically building an Inclusive Future of Work by creating the first solution to bring AI driven interviewer calibration, structure, and data driven interview outcomes into a single cloud solution.

Joe is also the Co-Founder of Breaking the Bias which is an organization designed to help companies and individuals create tools, methods, and strategies that systematically change our ability to address DEI&B globally. Joe sits on the board of the Colorado Technology Association, has been recognized for his leadership by Denver Business Journal; he also supports multiple community focused projects throughout the state.

Joe is a passionate technologist and entrepreneur who has a single mission of having a positive impact on the world.


Podcast: Accelerating Your Authority: 4 Steps To Winning Over Your Industry

You know reputation matters. Listen to learn how to build a personal platform to grow your influence and income.

Michael Gasiorek is the founder of Truth Cartel, a “belief distribution agency” working with emerging technology companies like Algorand, Republic, BCG DV and educating startups at and IndieBio. When the client work is done, Michael incubates his own projects in media, education, and fintech, including Medium’s largest blockchain publication, The Crypto.


Podcast: How Data Science Is Opening New Doors In Energy Efficiency

Can AI allow us to identify and achieve deep energy retrofits at scale? with Nishaant Sangaavi and Alex-Corneglio

Nishaant Sangaavi is the Founder and CEO of EnergyX Solutions, a Canadian Cleantech company empowering utility energy efficiency programs for homes and small businesses.  In his quest to utilize the 24-hours to the fullest, Nishaant has been spending many a sleepless nights since founding energyX. Fascinated by maximizing his own, and others’ potential, here are the words he lives by: “…The definition of hell; on your last day on earth, the person you could have become will meet the person you became.” — Anonymous. Nishaant has 15 years of experience in working in the utility space. His experience spans all aspects of selling complex software solutions to utilities that drive business value whether it be in the Billing and Operations, Customer Care and DSM business units. He is a proud father of 3 kids who enjoys experimenting with new workout programs in his home gym, and traveling the world.


Podcast: The Importance Of Digital Innovation Amidst The Changing COVID Landscape

As a result of the changing landscape across all sectors and heightened use of digital tools due to COVID-19, it’s crucial for businesses to evolve in this new world with Rishi Khanna

Rishi Khanna is a serial entrepreneur and high growth CEO of ENO8. He is a passionate, impact-driven, result-oriented, visionary, and persistent individual with leadership, operations, finance, sales, marketing, risk management, and technical skills. He likes to use his time to guide, mentor, and assist others to follow their passion and purpose. He helps others find their purpose, passion, and unique abilities. He is a life coach.

He enjoys building high-performance teams and guiding leaders in organizations to follow their unique abilities, become better decision-makers, stays strategically aligned and operationally agile. He has experience in building and operating businesses in the US, UK, and India.

Podcast: Using Netflix And Disney To Cure Vision Disorders

Eye-tracking and image processing for home treatment of “lazy eye” — Ran Yam, CEO @ Novasight

Ran Yam is the CEO of Novasight, an Israeli eye care startup, developing revolutionary solutions for the assessment and treatment of early vision disorders, using advanced eye-tracking and AI technology.

Aiming to prevent pediatric vision loss, Novasight’s products are specially designed for the unique needs and attention spans of children. The company’s management and advisory boards is comprised of experienced executives and world-renowned experts bringing broad and multidisciplinary expertise in the field of vision care.

Podcast: Creatively Commercializing Self-Driving Technology – What Are The Near-Term Possibilities?

Analysts report that it will likely be another 10 or more years before fully autonomous, self-driving vehicles are viable. Do we really have to wait? — William Santana Li, CEO @ Knightscope

William Santana Li is the CEO of Knightscope. He is an American entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience and has a broad and deep range of expertise gained from several global assignments in the automotive sector and a number of startups. During his career at Ford Motor Company, Bill held over 12 business and technical positions, focused on 4 continents, cutting across each functional area. These positions ranged from component, systems, and vehicle engineering with Visteon, Mazda, and Lincoln; to business & product strategy on the US youth market, India, and the emerging markets in Asia-Pacific and South America; as well as the financial turnaround of Ford of Europe. In addition, he was on the AMAZON team, which established an all-new modular plant in Brazil. Subsequently, he served as Director of Mergers & Acquisitions.


Podcast: The Accounting Alphabet: A is for Artificial Intelligence

How accountants are supporting 65% more clients with AI. — Enrico Palmerino

Enrico Palmerino launched his first startup, ThinkLite, from his dorm room which grew to $8.5M ARR before he graduated. He then invested in SmartBooks joining as their Managing Director, and helped grow the tech-enabled accounting solution from 6-40 employees in 3 years before exiting. In 2015 Enrico founded Botkeeper which built an automated accounting platform using human-assisted machine learning and AI.


Podcast: Real-Time Engagement Connects Us Across Borders

From healthcare to the workplace to education and beyond, Real-Time Engagement technology is powering the creation of global communities by breaking down geographical barriers.

As CRO & COO of, Reggie Yativ leads the team’s go-to-market and global expansion efforts. At his core, he believes that for Agora, a well-focused strategy around successful use cases and exploration use cases is fundamental to driving consistent growth for the company. Agora plays in the SDKs/ APIs economy empowering developers and helping them go live quickly.

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