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Recap: Reggie Yativ and Enrico Palmerino

Welcome to the DojoLIVE! Recap Show It’s Monday! Let’s get it. On today’s DojoLIVE! Recap Show we are highlighting the key points from last week interviews. We had 2 shows: Real-Time Engagement Connects Us Across Borders — Reggie Yativ From healthcare to the workplace to education and beyond, Real-Time Engagement technology is powering the creation Read More…

Recap: Scott Ford, Randy Wootton, Jeff Kofman

On today’s DojoLIVE! Recap Show we are highlighting the key points from last week interviews. We had 3 shows: Communication Is Just as Important as Code — Scott Ford Aligning Sales and Marketing Teams During Times of Change — Randy Wootton The Accidental Entrepreneur — Jeff Kofman

Recap: Mark Collins, Noah Labhart & Chris Doig


Today’s recap topics: 1. Can We Cure Cancer With Artificial Intelligence? — Mark Collins 2. Manufacturing And Flexible Capacity Through On-Demand Labor — Noah Labhart 3. Buyer’s Remorse: Why ERP Software Purchases Don’t Meet expectations and how to avoid the problem — Chris Doig

Recap: Danny May & Sumit Khandelwal


Delivering Smarter Translation — Danny May Making critical information available to global audiences during COVID-19. Powering Businesses With People Motivation — Sumit Khandelwal A journey to building a full-stack motivation and engagement technology company.

Recap: Lachlan McDonald & Shannon Hogue


Digital Procurement — Lachlan McDonald How data driven contracts make us more resilient and effective in todays world. Interview Engineering: Fixing the Broken Technical Interview — Shannon Hogue The problem with most interviews is that they are deemed as nobody’s job. This company made it theirs.

Recap: James Cohen, Reid Blackman and Sammy James


A Journey to Better Care Using Technology — James Cohen Can you scale a healthcare tech company multi-nationally? Operationalizing Data and AI Ethics — Reid Blackman How does ethical data/AI mitigate risk and create efficiency? The Squiggly Path to Success — Sammy James 10 years of failures, fear and finding our way

Recap: Kenny Rueter, Alex Asher, Jonathon Troughton


We are recapping last week interviews: Cultivating the New Entrepreneurs of the Digital Age — Kenny Rueter The (Disrupted) Future of Education — Alex Asher Building Trust and Being an Agent of Change in the In-Game Advertising Space — Jonathon Troughton

Recap: Josh Scales & Sam Xia


Telehealth: The New Normal — Josh Scales Was COVID the tipping point for Telehealth? Business-to-Customer Communication Platforms — Sam Xia How can small business owners communicate faster and more effectively with customers through technology?

Recap: Radical Interdependence at Work


Jose Leal, Co-founder @ Radicals Jose Leal is a co-founder of the Radical, a movement focused on the intersection of human interdependence and social structures. An innovator, he started an architectural drafting business at the age of 16. In the mid-nineties, Jose co-founded his third company,, Canada’s first online automotive media company. After a conglomerate acquired Read More…

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