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Podcast: Mobility Based Media: Capturing Audiences On-The-Go

Understanding how consumers engage with close proximity media and advertising through mobility with Fermin Morales and Bo Sijuade, COO / CEO @ Oyster.

Charismatic multi-cultural Tech Co-Founders that are cultivating a digital revolution.

Fermin Morales (Co-Founder & COO) is a 25-year-old first-generation Mexican-American entrepreneur. Bo Sijuade (Co-Founder & CEO) is a 24-year-old first-generation Nigerian-American entrepreneur.

Podcast: Journey From Software to Shoes Driven by Passion With Twist & Turns Along the Way

On your career journey make passion & challenges your North Star. Don’t let titles, products, industry or size of a company drive you astray with Nimesh Porbandarwalla.

Nimesh Porbandarwalla is a passionate challenge seeker, problem solver, and brand builder whose career spans multiple start-ups as well as large corporations in diverse industries.

Currently, he is the Sr. Director of Marketing & Strategy for Dr.Comfort where he is responsible for End-to-End Marketing, New Products Introduction & Strategy for Dr.Comfort a business unit of DJO Global. Dr.Comfort is the #1 brand for Diabetic Footwear, Custom Orthotics, Compression, and Diabetic Socks

Podcast: Pitching the Augmentation Game

David Reid is the CTO and CMO of National Oilwell Varco. His life and career has focused on the development of people, business, technology and culture. He has been a pioneer and champion of strategic growth in technology, business models, machine design, and industrial digitization.  He is a global public speaker on innovation, change, and leadership, as well as being an advocate in addressing modern slavery.  David serves on the boards of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, an NOV and Schlumberger’s Joint Venture IntelliServ, and Redeemed, a trauma informed recovery program for sex trafficking survivors.

Welcome to the DojoLIVE! Recap Show Episode 46

On today’s DojoLIVE! Recap Show we are highlighting the key points from last week interviews.

We had 4 shows:

  1. Audio-visual Neuromodulation for At-Home Pain and Mental Health Relief with Richard Hanbury.
  2. XR and Enterprise thru the years with Mark Grob.
  3. The Importance of Buyer Enablement with Greg Dickinson & Doug Udoff.
  4. Staking on Leverage with KIRA with Milana Valmont & Mateusz Grzelak.

You can check out all the shows anytime right here.

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Podcast: Staking on Leverage with KIRA

Powering decentralized applications with the liquidity of assets at stake with Milana Valmont & Mateusz Grzelak.

Milana Valmont is the co-founder and CEO of Kira Core She was an intern at Roubini Global Economics as a Macro Research Analyst. After graduating from Fordham University Milana started working as a Private Equity Analyst at Issac Organization, and was an Investment Relationship Manager at OneMed Market. In June 2017, she joined Binance as a community volunteer and later as a Project Manager and Blockchain Consultant. In 2018, she joined in Tel Aviv, first as a Blockchain Business Development Lead and then later became the Head of Strategy Milana has vast experience in structuring and scaling blockchain startups as well as deep understanding of crypto economics.

Mateusz Grzelak is a Chief Technology Officer at KIRA. Mateusz was Involved in the cryptocurrency space since the late 2011 and supported the interchain/web3 ecosystem since the late 2016. Previously worked at Barclays Bank as R&D Developer, lead engineer at US Based Settle Finance and as product manager at Swiss based He has a deep understanding of the Interchain network protocols and experience at leading software development teams.

Podcast: The Importance of Buyer Enablement

Building trust, digitally, throughout the customer journey.

Greg Dickinson, Founder and CEO, Omedym.  Greg is an experienced software executive who has helped drive growth and establish market leadership for true innovators like Ariba (acquired by SAP), Hiperos (acquired by Coupa) and now, Omedym.  Throughout his career, Greg has supported all aspects of the customer journey and has had a close-up view of the changing expectations of the software buyer.  He understands that buyers are no longer content to let the sellers control the process and started Omedym in response.  Greg is the author of The Convenience Economy: B2B, Adapt Now or Pay the Price, and the host of the podcast with the same name.

Doug Udoff, Chief Customer Officer, Omedym.  Doug has spent his entire career software space.  He has led services, support, and customer success at industry leaders like Oracle, Ariba, Misys, and Hiperos and considers himself to be a true Customer Evangelist.  Doug has worked closely with Omedym’s customers to help transition their sales and marketing approach from helping the “seller sell” to helping the “buyer buy.”  His perspective on this transition is invaluable to any software company.

Podcast: XR and Enterprise thru the years

Work, Play, Travel – does your organization have the right XR strategy?

Mark Grob is a seasoned Veteran of the broader industry of Visual Simulation and Entertainment. He has a long history in the area of XR.

In 1998-2001, he started his first startup company which specialized in virtual reality solutions and development for 360 degree workspace. Over the last 10+ years he has provided private consulting in VizSim Industries. Has consulted with clients that worked for companies like General Electric, Viacom, BEA, Lockheed, Havas LTD, Bayer, Novartis, Unilever, and many more. Mark’s specialization is Immersive Technologies focused on Telepresence, Live data streaming, and Human Interface/UX. Currently is Head of the Immersive Tech Center with UPS, building Next Gen Products for UPS Enterprise Innovations.

Podcast: Demystifying Banking Infrastructure: From Payment Standards to Data Models

Can Transparency in Banking Drive Meaningful Shifts in Financial Behaviors? with Walt Cox

Walt Cox is responsible for Business Development and Payment Strategy at Moov Financial, helping build the more boring company in banking. Previously served as a Product Director to build global banking products at Rapyd. Before that he was an Assistant Vice President for a $5B Credit Union, responsible for 16 employees and the debit, credit and ACH programs. Lastly before joining Redwood Credit Union, Walt was Head of Emerging Products at FIS in their Digital team, having joined as part of the mFoundry acquisition in 2013.

Podcast: The Digital Evolution: Maximizing Your Impact

Jonathan Keim is the Communications Director of the Investor Brand Network. He started writing ­financial articles in 2007 when he was 17 years old with almost 2 years of micro-cap trading experience. Within 6 months, he was promoted to communications director of the company, and over the years his team has written and published more than 50,000+ articles covering 500+ companies in a variety of sectors. In the past 14 years, Jonathan has also helped launch 50+ investor-oriented brands that now have more than 2 million likes and followers (collectively) among 150+ social media accounts.

Today, his main focus is on collaborating with high-attendance event brands that wish to reach larger audiences through digital syndication, giving presentations to executives and investor relations teams who are looking to improve their digital communications, providing real-time demonstrations of InvestorBrandNetwork’s platform via a live studio, and supporting a team of 60+ throughout the U.S. and Canada who produce and distribute a variety of ­financial content.

Podcast: Outbound Sales, Outreach, And Closing Deals

How to fill your calendar with sales calls with key decisions-makers on-demand with Stan Rymkiewicz, Founder

Stan Rymkiewicz is the founder of Orapa and I’ve been running my own lead generation agency helping digital agencies, software houses, and even Y Combinator startups get more sales calls. For over 2 years I’ve helped dozens of companies create unique go-to-market strategies that resulted in $1.5M in sales. My vision is to help companies have calendars full of qualified sales calls on-demand without hiring a sales team.

Podcast: Auto Loans: Your Secret to Savings?

The smart way to save thousands on interest that consumers don’t know about with Nancy Fitzgerald.

Nancy Fitzgerald is an award-winning executive within the automotive finance industry. As the President & CEO of iLendingDIRECT, a national leader in automotive refinancing, Nancy led the company to achieve 30% YoY growth from 2014–2017. Under her leadership, iLendingDIRECT has won several awards, including placement on the Inc. 500 in 2016, and the Denver Post Top Places to Work in 2017, and winning the Denver Business Journal’s Best Places to Work every year since 2016. In 2018, the company won the Better Business Bureau® Torch Award for outstanding business ethics.

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