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Apple Most Exposed of Big Tech from US-China Trade War

Of America’s five biggest technology companies, one analyst believes Apple is the most vulnerable to its bottom line as a result of the US-China trade war. Loup Ventures Gene Munster is still bullish on Apple long-term but does expect some choppy times ahead over the next six months.

The best E3 2019 trailers

E3 2019 is packed full of game trailers showing off upcoming titles’ stories and worlds, as well as full gameplay demonstrations. These are the best trailers of E3 2019, including Cyberpunk 2077.

Podcast: The case for surge pricing for everything

Surge pricing may soon be something that we see for more than just an Uber ride, but what’s the real purpose of companies surging prices? And is it always bad for the consumer? Alex Shartsis, Co-founder & CEO @ PerfectPrice

Podcast: Technology as an Enabler

How Connected Canadians is using technology training to break down barriers between generations and empower seniors. Tasneem Danem, CIO @ Connected Canadians

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