Robert Reive, Managing Director @ TWIND Power

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Robert Reive is the founder and Inventor of the patent pending Starwind5 Wind Powered Electricity Generator integrated by TWIND Power, and . Also Inventor of the Platespin VM Server Provisioning System.

Robert possesses recent hands on 3D CAD, 3D CFD design/simulation and shop fabrication experience building Starwind5 wind powered generators, and as a result has gained considerable expertise on how best to create distributed and remote Renewable Power Generation and Energy Storage Systems based on wind and solar generation, coupled with energy storage and backed-up or co-operating with thermal power generation. Robert has also recently licensed and patented Harvistor’s Starwind5 vertical wind powered rotor to work best with wind speed acceleration tower technology from and other licensee for their Clean Power Trailer and now TWIND Power. New Harvistor ‘TWIND Power’ rotor designs charging battery powered electricity delivery are coming in 2019 as part of off-grid energy stations designed for use in the #V2G and Smart Greenhouse markets.

Robert grew up as a Canadian “Air force brat” living on the fringes of real worlds in Namao AB, & Trenton ON building and sometimes flying airplane models. 😉


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